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OC Character Sign Up Format (USE THIS TO SIGN UP!)

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OC Character Sign Up Format (USE THIS TO SIGN UP!)

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 11, 2015 11:30 pm

This is the official character sign up sheet that you will use to sign up your OC.
Note!: Be sure to configure your Profile to match your character's info from this sign up sheet!


Age: (Please no younger than 17 or no older than 75)



Specialties/Skills: (You may only have 2 skills when starting, No superpowers or inhuman abilities)

Relationships: (You can have relationships with other players but they must approve of it by replying to your sign up)

Job before The Fall: (Pick a unique job! Everybody is most likely going to choose Soldier or Engineer, take a stand and be different!)

Bio/Backstory: (Requirments: Must have at least 9 complete sentences that describe where you were before The Fall, how you survived The Fall and where you are now.)

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